Hearing aids have come a long way!

I remember Christmas morning 20+ years ago when my grandmother gave me a new Walkman! (Remember the yellow one with bulky black buttons! So cool!) She couldn’t listen with me to this super cool new technology because she was wearing her hearing aids.

CNN recently made a video about the new iPhone compatible Linx² hearing aids. It is amazing that something smaller than a finger tip is capable of opening up so many new experiences for hearing aid users. These new hearing aids are iPhone, iPad & iWatch compatible – meaning they are able to stream conversations, music, video games etc. directly to the hearing aids.


We’re not yet at the point that hearing aids are able to cook us dinner, but we’re close! And when I think back to my grandmother and her hearing aids, I know she would have just loved to Skype with me on an iPad… She would have thought that that was so cool.

Of course, the most important thing our hearing aids does is help us connect with people – whether live or on the telephone!

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